About Me

Who is she:

Kimberly Perez is a California based artist. She was born in the city of Orange, raised in 

Corona, and currently resides in Riverside, with her two children, husband, and pet cat.


Influenced by:

Kimberly grew up with a deep admiration for traditional animation, her art is heavily 

influenced by classic Disney characters, Tim Burton Films, her Mexican culture, random 

cute things, and anything Halloween related. 

Family life:

Currently, Kimberly's children keep her young at heart and influence many of her pieces. 

She also enjoys playing soccer, running, taking pictures of nature, or cuddling with animals.


Kimberly stared taking art courses from a very young age, always in pursuit of perfecting 

her skills. She enjoys learning and values the importance of expanding her understanding. 

Even now, when time permits, she tries to squeeze in an art class at the local community 

college in order to stay up to date. Kimberly's favorite medium is ink and watercolors; 

although, she is proficient with Adobe products, paper will always be her first choice! 

What to expect:

Kimberly's art has grown over the years into a full time profession. You can 

find her art at select events throughout California almost every weekend of the year 

or online. During the week she focuses on creating new art, processing online orders, and 

connecting with her customers/followers on Instagram. Her biggest reward when sharing 

her art is seeing the smiles it brings to those that approach it. Kimberly hopes to one day 

work in the animation industry, preferably featuring her original characters.